R&D Information System

The R&D Information System is an information system of the public administration for a collection, processing, publication and utilization of an information about the research and development, which has been supported by public budgets.

The aim, content, rights, responsibilities and the way how the data have been given into the R&D Information System, the integration of the data into the Information System database, the processing of the data and the way of data publication are determined by the R&D Act [Code number 130/2002] together with the regulation of the Czech government [Code number 397/2009] about the R&D Information System, by some other rules and by the Standard operating procedure manual of the R&D Information System.

The R&D Information System administrator is the Research and Development Council, the R&D Information System operator is the Government Office of the Czech Republic.

    The R&D Information System has following subsystems [parts]:

  •  CEP (Central register of R&D projects, including the searching)
  •  CEA (Central register of activities, including the searching)
  •  RIV (Information Register of R&D results, including the searching)
  •  VES (Register of Public R&D tenders, including the searching)  

 Address of the Secretariat of the Research and Development Council: rvv@vlada.cz

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