National Research, Development and Innovation Policy of the Czech Republic 2021+

With Czech Government Resolution No. 759, the National Research, Development and Innovation Policy of the Czech Republic 2021+ was approved (hereinafter the "National Policy").

The National Policy is the overarching national-level strategic document for advancing all components of research, development and innovation in the Czech Republic. The document helps fulfil certain criteria of the basic conditions to be able to draw funding from European Union funds in the 2021–2027 programming period.

The vision of the National Policy is to use efficient support and targeting of research, development and innovation to contribute to the prosperity of the Czech Republic as a country whose economy is based on knowledge and the ability to innovate, whose citizens have access to high-quality living conditions, and which is a recognised partner in the community of European countries, as well as globally.

The National Policy should contribute to development and achieving progress in the following key areas: management and funding of the RDI system; motivating people to pursue careers in research and developing people's potential; quality and international excellence in RDI; cooperation between the research and application spheres; the Czech Republic's innovation potential. It also reacts to the global risks and threats of the 21st century.

The National Policy defines 5 strategic objectives based on the key areas and 28 actions for achieving them. Each action includes timing for implementation, fulfilment indicators, and what parties are responsible or co-responsible for implementation. The actions also state whether there is any link to measures from the previous national policy valid up until the end of 2020, or whether it is a new action.

Actions will be implemented within the framework of the defined staffing and financial limitations of the individual departments. Any increased demands on the state budget in connection with implementing the National Policy will be addressed within the framework of the expenditure limits for supporting research, development and innovation, which will be laid down by the government for the relevant periods based on the leeway within the state budget.

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