Statement of the Research, Development and Innovation Council on the situation in Ukraine

The Research, Development and Innovation Council strongly condemns Russia’s aggressive attack and supports the positions of the President of the Czech Republic and the Prime Minister on the crisis in Ukraine.

The Council recommends that the Government of the Czech Republic ensures the necessary access of Ukrainian scientists and their family members to health care, social security, material welfare, the labour market, education, etc.

The Council requests R&D&I support providers take concrete steps to support the development of cooperation with Ukrainian research entities and to prepare and support joint research projects and apply all available tools.

The Council addresses the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports with a request to speed up the preparations of the P JAC program[1] in the area of ​​the "welcome office" to support cooperation with Ukrainian researchers.

The Council calls on research organizations and companies that work with researchers from Ukraine to meet their needs and enable them to continue their research work in the Czech Republic.

The Council calls upon research organizations to ensure the protection of their information systems and scientific information against possible cyberattacks and to pay increased attention to the provision of scientific information to the Russian Federation and Belarus.

In accordance with measure No. 27 of the National Policy for Research, Development and Innovation, the Council expresses its readiness to support on a long-term basis these and other activities in cooperation with providers of support for research, development and innovation.


Prague, 25 February 2022




[1] Johannes Amos Comenius Programme

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